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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Survey Report

Purpose of the survey:<>
This report introduces the results of my survey about the dental hygiene. This survey gives more information about the dental hygiene habits of the respondents. Also, it shows the importance granted by people for their dental hygiene and it presents the people’s opinions about dentists.


In this survey, there are seven multiple-choice questions and three yes/no questions. In general, most of the respondents know what are the best habits to have a great dental hygiene. One question was about the place where the person is, and out percentage twenty three respondents, two people were in Europe.

The results show that people have very good dental hygiene, because the majority of the respondents brush their teeth two times during one day. They visit their hygienists or dentist between one and two times during one year. Also, there are 95.7 per cent of respondents never use bleaching treatments and 34.8 per cent ever had orthodontic treatments. According to this survey, 22.7 per cent never use dental floss, this percentage is so big. <>

The results show that teenagers give much importance to their dental hygiene. There are 52.2 per cent of the respondents who see their hygienist or dentist two times a year and 30.4 per cent visit their dentist one time a year. The majority of the respondents brush their teeth two times per day for 2 minutes. These are great habits of life, but the dentists recommend brushing the teeth 3 times per day for 4 minutes. A surprising fact is that five out percentage twenty-two people never use dental floss. The answers of this question are very varied. Another surprising fact is that 95.7 per cent of respondents never use bleaching treatments. Today, there are a lot of advertisements about bleaching treatments. <>

The survey confirms that most of respondents have great habits to keep their teeth in a great appearance. The dentist’s recommendations aren’t always used but the majority of the people find that dental hygiene is very important. For the next time, I would add one question. This question would be; do you think that you do the most things to keep a beautiful smile?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Montreal: Mix of history and culture

Montreal is a city where there are many multicultural ethnics. The immigrants are 28% of the population.

Montreal is a city well-knowin the world for its culture. All neighbourhoods can give evidence of that, I
think there are all kind of restaurants; Chinese, Greek, French, Italian, Arabian, etc. Also, Montreal is one of oldest cities in Canada. There are many museums that show the history of this wonderful town.

More recently, Montreal welcomed world aquatic championships. Today, this event enables us to have a great aquatic center, where local athletes can to practice their favourite aquatic sport.
All in all, Montreal is a great mix of culture and history.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Survey on Dental Hygiene

Click here to complete my survey about Dental Hygiene